World Muay Boran Federation - Grading Certification

Welcome to the WMBF grading certification system, where we uphold the rich traditions of Muay Thai Boran.

Our aim is to preserve and promote the ancient art of Muay Thai Boran, ensuring its legacy endures for generations to come.

Explore our comprehensive grading system, designed to recognize and honor practitioners’ skills, knowledge, and dedication to this time-honored martial art.

Discover the intricate levels of mastery, from beginner to advanced, as we guide you on a journey steeped in history, discipline, and respect.

Join us as we strive to safeguard the essence of Muay Thai Boran, embracing its authenticity and fostering a global community committed to its preservation.

Our curriculum is structured in a systematic way, providing a clear progression of skills and knowledge from beginner to advanced levels. Practitioners will develop a solid foundation of Muay Thai Boran techniques and principles before advancing to more complex and advanced techniques.

We cover a broad range of Muay Thai Boran techniques, including striking, clinching, grappling, and self-defense techniques. This ensures that practitioners develop a well-rounded skill set that can be applied in various situations.

We emphasize the importance of traditional forms in Muay Thai Boran training. Practitioners will learn the ancient forms and rituals of Muay Thai Boran, including the Wai Kru and Ram Muay, which help to improve balance, coordination, and overall technique.

The WMBF curriculum is specifically designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of Muay Thai and martial art practitioners. It focuses on technical proficiency, tactical understanding, traditional forms, historical and cultural context, access to experienced instructors, and progression through a grading system. By following our curriculum, practitioners can significantly improve their abilities and deepen their understanding of the sport.

Khan Grade Ranks
BASIC – Khan 1 to 4
INTERMEDIATE – Khan 5 to 7
ADVANCE – Khan 8 to 10

Every WMBF student will receive a Members License Book to log their Khan grade level following each examination with their teacher.

The students name will be added to the Kru Muaythai Association website under their teacher and/or gym (club) profile.

An official certificate will also be issued from the WMBF Headquarters in Thailand signed by the president of the World Muay Boran Federation, Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan.

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